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[CONTEST- Month May] User Interactive #1 : Theme - Bra Unhooked

As Announced, It's Time to Shake Up things and to do so, We Present To You.



These Contests would be Monthly Based.

Every Month a New Hot Theme will be announced for Users to Participate and post rare and Sizzling Content.
Upon Winning the Contest, Winner (User) will be Awarded with Xclusive Sizzler Award [Image: Xclusive%20Sizzler.gif]

with High Reputation and Chance to be part of Xossip Team in near future.

The more Contests you Win. The more High Reputations Points you make, and Awards Lined up Next to your ID.

Dont just be a User, BE A LEGEND


Month of May Contest Theme - BRA UNHOOK

[Image: 3CTNBVx.jpg]

Post Pics or GIF's of your Favorite Celeb or a Celeb matching with the description and Theme of that very month.

Any Pic/GIF which shows -

Bra Unhooking 
Bra Unhooked 
Bra Sliding off Shoulder
Bra Hanging on body Unhooked
Bra About to Fall off

These key Specifications are to be noted and kept in mind to make your Entry Valid. 


Rules of the Contests are as follows :-
  • Pictures or Gifs should be ONLY of Glamour Celebs from all Major Cinemas (Bolly, Kolly,, Tolly etc)
  • No Private Pics would be Considered
  • Nude Back showing pics are not considered related to Bra Unhook Theme
  • Maximum of 3 Pics a User can post as a participant
  • Copying a User Entry will result in Automatic Disqualification

More Contests with much needed skill and talent to follow soon after this contest.

These Contests Require Skills .. now the question is ... DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU ?

SS-Sid Thread. Updates. Check it Out (S3:E7-Kareena Kapoor Khan)
My Entry

[Image: ooodipp.jpg?impolicy=Medium_Resize&w=1200&h=800]
SS-Sid Thread. Updates. Check it Out (S3:E7-Kareena Kapoor Khan)
(17-05-2020, 12:12 PM)SluttySunny Wrote: My Entry

Mine Big Grin

[Image: JJvuPpm.jpg]

KUDOS for bringing such contests to Xossip  yourock 

These are the interactive themes we need here

You are already on the verge of becoming the best moderator of Xossip
Here is my entry #1

[Image: 4bf43253fad77e359030bddcbc0f3a37.jpg]
My Entry No.1

[Image: qb25W7g.jpg]
My Entry 1 - Tamannaah in Bahubali 

[Image: 148965190_tenor.gif]
[Image: 148965119_annotation-2020-05-19-092938.png]
[Image: 148965132_annotation-2020-05-19-093008.png]
[Image: 148965143_annotation-2020-05-19-093043.png]

Susmitha Saran
FKing Fakes | DesiFakes
Thanks for your entries and making this Thread and Contest .. Alive and Kicking


SS-Sid Thread. Updates. Check it Out (S3:E7-Kareena Kapoor Khan)
(19-05-2020, 09:03 AM)Tysong1 Wrote: My Entry No.1

[Image: qb25W7g.jpg]

Karishma Sharma in RAGINI MMS
[Image: 1%2B%252826%2529.jpg]

[Image: 1%2B%252827%2529.jpg]

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